Create Longridge
—15 July 2017


Welcome to Create Longridge

Create Longridge 2017 will take place on Saturday July 15th. Once again, artists will be competing for a first prize of £2,000 and taking up the challenge to create a brand new, original piece of art, from scratch, in one day.

Create Longridge was held for the first time on 03 September 2016. 65 artists braved awful weather conditions to produce stunning new art which was exhibited and sold in the week after the event. The day was a huge success thanks to the participation and support of our artists, sponsors, media partners, visitors and residents. Create Longridge was featured on BBC1 and you can watch the footage by clicking the link below. 

So, who will follow in the footsteps of 2016 winner Tracy Levine, whose painting from Jeffrey Hill wowed the judges and was widely admired in the exhibition which followed the event? You can register to compete using the online form or by clicking here. Once again, there will be fringe events including the fabulous work of Longridge’s textile enthusiasts. More details on the fringe will be posted here as they are finalised.


Take part

If you are interested in taking part, click here to register.


The Painting Competition

In essence, artists (both professional and amateur) will report in the morning with, literally, a blank canvas (or board or paper) and disperse within a 3 mile radius of Longridge’s town centre to create brand new, original artwork. At the end of the day, the work will be judged and a winner crowned who collects £2,000. The artists choose their own destinations and work in the style and media of their choice. At the end of the day the artists will, collectively, have captured our town, its people and its surroundings on one particular day. More information for participating artists can be found here. After the painting day on Saturday, a week-long exhibition featuring all the works created will be held at Longridge Gallery and potentially other venues. Visitors will be able to see the prize winning paintings and have the opportunity to invest in brand new, original artwork. Some of the artists who have already registered can be viewed here.